With most of today’s business being conducted on the web, it is essential to have a clean and intuitive website. What is even more essential is that the website is fresh and up-to-date, easy to navigate, informational and user-friendly.  We take pride in letting the business owner do what they do best and leave the web design to us.  Most small business owners are an expert in their craft, but know little about how to create a website that is easy to navigate and has a custom flair that enhances the business and stays consistent with the brand, that's where we come in.

Client: Gold Ribbon Confections

We helped Gold Ribbon Confections by creating a custom looking website that kept the branding consistent with the company's updated logo. We also streamlined the website to make it easier for clients to find what they were looking for and place orders directly through the website. We let Gold Ribbon Confections do what they do best, bake, while we handled all of their web design needs!

See the full site here: www.GoldRibbonConfections.com.

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Full Homepage